Product Design and Strategy



I am a creative who has worn many hats; founder, freelancer, industrial designer, contractor, and more. Ready for my next role.

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Hi, I'm Cody Moore

I am a product designer in brooklyn nyc, specializing in… Not specializing. I work in all fields, from medical to kitchen products to digital strategy solutions. As long as it benefits people and the world, I’ll do it.


“I don’t enjoy being caught up in a crowd, never have. It’s not claustrophobia as much as the lack of forward movement and the inability to see ahead. When I was a kid my parents would tell me that when you walk through the sea of people, look directly where you want to go and don’t waver in your decision; people see the direction of your eyes and adjust their own paths accordingly. Design is just the same in that it’s not always how fast you move, or the things you do on the way, but where you intend to be that affects people the most.”

What I live and breathe


Meaningful Creation

Why does the product exist?

In early 2018 I was working with a company in D.C. to design a VR booth that would separate players from each other at an arcade. The inital brief was short and concise, but didn't provide the users with additional meaning or interaction. I decided to commit to additional research.

I uncovered insights that made it evident that there was a greater need to address, and that the company would have to pivot to in order to remain an industry leader. We altered the brief, and the project went from simply being a divider to being one of the first social reality experiences.

Sustainability and Ethics

What does the product leave behind?

In 2017 I was hiking in the remote Gorkha District of Nepal. We hiked for days through the mountains, crossing roaring rivers on small, wooden bridges swaying with the slightest breeze, and shared rooms with chickens and goats.

We rose out of the valley into a small town whose roofs were laced with prayer flags, where you could hear childrens laughter echoing through the hills. There, we found women sitting on their steps sewing Nike shirts. Sustainability isn't only about the environment, but also the impact we have on people before the product is made.

Continuous Improvement

The designer as a product

In early 2018 I was offered a position at a startup in a strategy role. I had never worked in strategy, nor did I know much about their sector, however I accepted because of the products potential to help small business survive the onslaught of name brands.

Through them I learned UI and UX, managed developer teams in Asia, developed marketing and advertising solutions, and more. The struggle of learning new things in real time made me a better designer, and I now believe that stretching skillsets is a crucial part of being a capable and holistic designer.


Work Experience


Cofounder and Lead Designer, grpvyn

Helping small businesses through customer loyalty

  • In 2018 my peers and I started grpvyn, a digital loyalty platform for local businesses that provides innovative tools to compete in an overcrowded market. Our small team uses lean processes and minimum-viable-services to remain agile and ensure that our product works for the variety of businesses that use our platform.

Lead Designer, Simple

Human centered direct to consumer healthcare

  • Simple is an unlaunched startup, whose product is currently undergoing the final stages of R&D and development, but has the potential to help millions of people worldwide. I am their lead venture designer, and operate the design, packaging, sustainability, branding, and CMF departments.

Contract Industrial Designer, MooreDesign

Working to bring innovation to international brands and startups.

  • Hamilton Beach - Worked as an innovation strategist for the well known brand, aligning concepts to the brand identity and delivering to heads of development.
  • EkStasis - Worked to deliver a comprehensive physical and digital solution that aligns the brand as a market leader in VR. See Case Study
  • HiiBeam - Worked to create physical products and customer delivery methods for a bicycle safety company.

Contract Industrial Designer, SCAD

Designing entertainment services and consumer technology

Engineering and manufacturing, Hardwire + MooreBoat

Designing state of the art military and civilian technology

  • Hardwire LLC - Worked to test, install, and design state of the art armor systems for use in school shooting protection measures and military vehicles.
  • Moore Boat LLC - Worked as a design, engineering, and manufacturing understudy to the lead team.




B.F.A Industrial Design, SCAD

Magna Cum Laude, 3.9 GPA, With Achievement Honors

  • Achievement Honors for number of awards recieved


Notable Information


14 Professional Design Awards

  • International Home and Housewares Award
  • 2 Spark Awards
  • 2 IDA Awards
  • 4 A' Design Awards
  • 5 European Product Design Awards

  • Red Dot Honorable Mention
  • Coroflot Pick of the Week
  • Core77 Runner Up

Subject of over 250 publications, including;

Semi-Professional Adventure traveler

  • Hiked and climbed in over 150 countries.
    • Drove a car 14,000 miles from London to Mongolia
    • Ran a marathon in Antarctica
    • Circumnavigated Mont Blanc in the worst weather in history
    • Spelunked the worlds largest cave in Vietnam
    • Swam to Afghanistan
  • Radio and News Interviews
    • 98.1 WOCM Post-Trip interview September 2017
    • 98.1 WOCM Pre-Trip Interview June 2017
    • WBOC 16 LOCAL Kilimanjaro expedition spot
    • Times of India "Painting Schools" 2014

Extensive Volunteering History

  • Raised over $60,000 for charity as the first youth chairman for the March for Babies
  • Various short term volunteer experiences
    • Taught English, painted schools, and cooked in a soup kitchen in India
    • Hiked in school and food supplies to remote villages in Nepal


Skills and Proficiencies


Digital Visualization and Modeling

  • Solidworks, Rhino, Blender, Grasshopper, Keyshot
  • Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, Lightroom
  • Figma and InVision for web development
  • Wacom tools, Procreate, Sketchbook Pro, etc
  • Virtual Reality Sketching with HTC Vive

Physical and Virtual Reality Prototyping

  • Rapid Prototyping with VR technology
  • 3D Printing
  • Foam and plastic modelmaking

Actionable Design Research

  • Plan and Scope Research

    1. Contextual Design
    2. KJ Technique
    3. Literature Reviews
  • Exploratory Research

    1. Case Study Research
    2. Artifact Analysis
    3. Behavioral Mapping
  • Generation

    1. Card Sorting
    2. Affinity Diagramming
    3. Cognative Walkthrough
  • Evaluation

    1. A/B Testing
    2. Ergonomic Analysis
    3. Interviews
  • Post-Creation Testing

    1. KPI Analysis
    2. Laddering
    3. Research Through Design

Design Management and leadership

  • Extensive skills in group problem solving and issue management.
  • Capable of directing design processes, time management.