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Working with the international kitchen brand Chefman to differentiate themselves in a sea of similar products

How do you design for a brandless company?

Working with Chefman to create their first branded line of products and distance them from previous launches.

Products in production, and details limited

Client: Chefman International, 2018


Distilling design cues from their most popular products

Chefman traditionally takes and alters existing products for new markets, but it was time for a complete overhaul

Chefman, the New Jersey kitchen brand, had a history of finding products and reproducing them for their own purposes. In 2018, empowered by change, they contacted me to help them restart their brand and create new products that would represent their bold new direction. We started out with their flagship product, a sous vide precision cooker, and eventually expanded this to steamers, blenders, and more.

Design cues for the series were taken from prior launches, logos, and chosen iconography. These were then incorporated with new technologies that would allow the brand to take over the chosen markets by offering both design and tech related competitive advantages.

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Designing for a multitude of unique environments

Chefman caters not only to mass appeal, but to niche and tailored markets that make up incredibly small audiences

Interestingly enough, one of the most passionate markets for Chefman products are of the Hasidic Jewish religious group, and we created several products that would appeal to our lead user. Right is a water boiler that remains functional within the holiday of Yom Tov; it allows for “work-less” operation, reheating of liquids, and passive heating of food on a snap-in tray.


These products are in production, and information (including cad, final designs, etc) are limited.

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