Product Design and Strategy


EkStasis Virtual Reality

Working with a VR pioneer to create immersive spaces and strategy solutions that bring people together

How can virtual reality bring people closer together?

Working with a VR pioneer to create immersive spaces and strategy solutions that allow for multi-modal play


Client: EkStasis Virtual Reality, 2018

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Cross-Platform Local Experiences

Building spaces that allow non-vr guests to participate in gaming and virtual technologies

Imagine going to a VR arcade with a group of your friends. You talk and interact the entire way there, but as soon as you arrive the conversation comes to a halt. The helmet has separated you from your friends, and now they stand watching the screen behind you in relative silence. This is the reality for VR in 2018.

EkStasis HyperPorts allow for groups of people to play together using phones, tablets, and other gaming accessories. Sit in the well lit environment, and the Ekstasis queue manager lets you compete with or against your friends, see highscores to beat, and connects you with the next person in the queue.

EkStasis Vr Illustration

Modular, Adaptable Spaces

designing structures that can evolve to suit a multitude of environments, events, and alternative uses

These spaces are designed to fit into the floorplan and interior of any existing business. Convert your space into a VR arcade during your off hours or low volume days to supplement your rent, drive new customers, or sell products to VR patrons. These modular platforms have over 11 base forms, each with 4+ configurations, and can be altered to suit the event or space within minutes.


VR Social Innovation Strategy

Planning for the future of vr with events that bring communities together in new and groundbreaking ways

Imagine room-scale games where groups of people compete in augmented space, and audiences cheer from the sidelines and try to help their favorite players via their smartphones. This is the future that EkStasis and I planned for.

Not only did we work on a digital platform to assist Queue management and VR events, but we also designed the current spaces to work seamlessly with future VR innovations. These HyperPorts can be expanded to allow for full room play with ambient lighting, combined landscape projector screens, downward AR floor projector enhancement, and more.


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