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How to Launch a Scrappy Product by CoEdition VP of Product

Being a Product Manager requires structured and organized thinking. Frameworks and toolkits are a handy and effective way to approach problems. Product Managers will learn about many and develop their own throughout their product careers.

Main takeaways:
- How to move your team and product forward when you don’t have all the UX or engineering resources you need
- Given limited resources, learning how to ruthlessly prioritize by testing and validating basic ideas
- How to launch something scrappy with a plan in place on how to address better in the future

Meet the Speaker: Prerna Singh 

Prerna Singh is a VP of Product Management at CoEdition in New York. She has previously worked as Director of Product, Quartz Creative at Quartz. Prerna became a Product Manager and found that her wide range of skills was a perfect match for a career in product.

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