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What are Communication Secrets for PMs by CityAtlas Founder

As a Product Manager, you’re responsible for delivering products and features that both delight customers and move the company closer to its top-line metrics. However, how do you know whether the individual features you ship each sprint or each quarter are successful? Learn about the most important advice here:

Main takeaways:
- Communication is at the heart of many problems; effective communication a fundamentally difficult practice
- Three things frequently get in the way of effective communication: a lack of reciprocity, low-fidelity mediums, and unaddressed context
- Don't despair! There are several helpful phrases and techniques you can use to improve your communication skills, which you'll learn at this presentation

Meet the Speaker: Karl Sluis 

Karl Sluis is a Founder at CityAtlas in New York. He has previously worked as Product Manager at Pandora. Karl became a Product Manager and found that his wide range of skills were a perfect match for a career in product.

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