Product Design and Strategy

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Engineering Internships

Working with the international kitchen brand Chefman to differentiate themselves in a sea of similar products

Internships and Apprenticeships


How can armor better protect schools from active shooters?

Interning for Hardwire llc during their push to safeguard schools with emergency response shields and door protection

Military Contractor, details limited

Company: Hardwire LLC, 2011-2012


Roll on door protection and bulletproof whiteboards

In an active shooter situation, we offer multi-modal solutions to protect students and teachers alike

Our job at Hardwire was to create, design, and test experimental armor systems for the military and police officers. After multiple school shootings we decided to expand operations and start producing solutions to help teachers protect their students.

Our armor is thin, lightweight, and versatile. With it we created whiteboards that can protect individuals and groups from assault weapons, as well as panels that roll on to existing door-frames for reinforcement. These have been tested extensively, and one day might be able to help people who desperately need them.



How can you build a fireboat to help people in low-water tributaries?

Interning for Moore Boats LLC during their time creating a state-of-the-art fireboat

Company: Moore Boat LLC, 2013-2016

Military Contractor, details limited


State of the art jet stabilization and re-routing of engines

Most fireboats have stilts they use to counteract the force of the water, but we re-routed a jet engine to self-stabilize in less than 1ft of water.

Moore boats has a proprietary hull design that allows a 55ft boat to travel 50mph in less than 4 inches of water. This revolutionary technology paired with twin jet engines allows the fireboat we created to explore and help people in areas where normal boats cannot travel.

We also built police boats with the same technology to allow for pursuit of small watercraft in areas that normally elude traditional police craft


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