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Designed for Skagen Denmark in 2017

Skagen Smart Jewelry

Frank Sessa, Fashion Marketing

Kate Dingwall, Fashion Designer

Kerry Stradley, Service Designer

Ganesh Raikar, Industrial Designer

Simon Zhu, Industrial Designer

Amanda Lott, Service Designer

Christine Everdeall, Service Designer

Nicholas Fasoli, Service Designer

Maiya Plather, Fashion Marketing

Juliana Rey, Graphic Designer

Caroline Klimek, Industrial Designer

Daritza Perez, Graphic Designer

Clarissa Ter Matt, Service Designer

Unitha Ramirez, Graphic Designer

Aziz Alsunusi, Industrial Designer

Archie Srinivasan, Industrial Designer

Remy Bustani, Illustrator

Luke Pfost, Industrial Designer

Maiya Plather, Fashion Marketing

My contribution to this project was as an industrial designer working heavily with services. The depicted products are not the ID delivered to the client. Personal contributions outside conception is all 3D design, rendering.

Smart accessories give us unprecedented power over our bodies and surroundings, but there's an inextricable feeling of over-connection and complexity. How could you change smart wearables to make your quality of life better while removing unnecessary complexity?

'Hygge' Centric Wearables

Skagen came to us in 2017 with a problem. Although the emergence of wearable tech signals a boon for health, technology, and more, it also is the start of a world where 'escaping' becomes nearly impossible. Wearables change how people interact, relax, and work, but does it actually make us happier people? 

Skagen wanted us to explore how wearables could express 'Hygge' - the danish expression for contentment and well-being - in ways that would seamlessly integrate into our lives without our express interaction.

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After the kickoff, we underwent 3 weeks of rigorous research to both determine the best course for the Skagen brand and the user experience. We interviewed the core user groups that are the primary purchase drivers for Skagen products, visited competing stores in cities across the US, analyzed tech patterns relating to wearable technology, and more.

In addition, we utilized psychological studies to determine the future drivers of mental health in a technocentric world.


Using the prior research we identified core problem and opportunity areas that would present a market and first mover advantage for Skagen.

One issue that we identified early on was the limitations of the Skagen brand and how it relates to more advanced technology. Simply the brand would have to undergo a major pivot to compete with larger tech companies, so keeping features small and nimble would be a priority.


We initially focused on 8 core areas, and eventually distilled it to 3 with the help of the Skagen marketing division.

All focused on the interactions that users have with themselves and with others, and how technology can assist these interactions without attempting to replace them with digital interfaces.


After the concepts were accepted by the client, we developed the UI/UX interfaces and product designs that would fit the concepts within the Skagen design space.

Products were protoptyed in leather and metal, and surface level CAD was developed in Solidworks and rendered with Keyshot.


Re-experience memories with those you were present with.

This clip wearable records events in your life, as well as who else was present at the time. Instead of giving you immediate access, it holds them to itself until you are present with those people again. This creates a social event where the act of reliving a memory is in itself memorable.

Ojeblik is designed to fit onto any clothing, and comes with a leather cover that can be used to protect it from the elements.
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Join Me

Serindipidously connect with your friends and just drop by.

This wearable allows you to let your contacts know that you are free or doing something interesting, and anyone who is near you is notified. It promotes physical connections and meaningful interactions in an increasingly anti-social world. It's the digital equivalent of dropping by a friends house to see if they are free.

How often do you sit at home and don't contact anyone you know to come 'hang out'? This helps you and your friends schedule impromptu meetups. I'm free, you're free.
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Join Me also comes with an app that you can use to schedule more official events
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Take control of your stress and mental health by being more aware of the strain of daily life.

How many times do you suddenly 'wake up' and realize that you are stressed, frustrated, or angry? We aren't always aware of our own processes, and embrace helps us keep an eye on ourselves. When the wearable detects stress or anxiety, it emits a subtle buzz notification that lets you know.

Available in both a necklace and a bracelet, and in both mens and women versions.
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