Product Design and Strategy

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Working with the Danish brand SKAGEN to bring new life into their brand of smart jewelry and accessories using design strategy.

How can smart jewelry improve your quality of life?

Working with SKAGEN to cement a future at the forefront of the wearable tech market.


Client: SKAGEN, 2017 via scad

Team Members

Frank Sessa, Fashion Marketing

Kate Dingwall, Fashion Designer

Kerry Stradley, Service Designer

Ganesh Raikar, Industrial Designer

Simon Zhu, Industrial Designer

Amanda Lott, Service Designer

Christine Everdeall, Service Designer

Nicholas Fasoli, Service Designer

Juliana Rey, Graphic Designer

Caroline Klimek, Industrial Designer

Daritza Perez, Graphic Designer

Clarissa Ter Matt, Service Designer

Unitha Ramirez, Graphic Designer

Aziz Alsunusi, Industrial Designer

Archie Srinivasan, Industrial Designer

Remy Bustani, Illustrator

Luke Pfost, Industrial Designer

Maiya Plather, Fashion Marketing

276 pages, elements redacted


Innovations that connect you to friends, family, and home.

We designed a series of product functions that embody the ideology of danish hygge, or coziness + belonging.

Imagine leaving your house for a jog in the morning heat of the summer, and returning to see that your house cooled automatically to make your recovery easier. What if your necklace could sense your pre-interview stress, or if your bracelet could casually set up interactions with your close friends.

These are the questions that we asked ourselves when working with the Danish brand, and it guided us to design a connected future that makes you feel more comfortable wherever you are.


Aesthetics that reflect the current and future brand

Smart devices are typically oversaturated with buttons and interfaces, but we sought to reduce interaction wherever possible.

Skagen built their brand as bring one of the first companies to offer a true minimal timekeeping experience. We wanted to continue the tradition of less-is-more with their newest line of products, and we did this by removing the interfaces on our series of smart products and simplifying the design as much as possible without reducing functionality.

The product to the right is an inert experience camera that captures daily moments in photos and audio, and then stores them in the cloud together. Whenever you view a photo, you also hear the audio from that experience, connecting you to the moment in a unique and calming way.


Maximizing beneficial confrontation while reducing stress.

Confrontation drives our happiness. Many products and services remove all, but we accentuated confrontation for the benefit of the user.

Much of the way that products and services are designed in recent years reduce conflict in the sense that they remove boundaries and effort between the things that we want and how to get them. Skagen and our team worked to make our products make lives easier, but also allow for personal growth.

For example, we have a device whose walking GPS functionality doesn’t lead you directly to your destination, but instead gives you an indirect path for you to see things you’ve never approached even in your own city.

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